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Muses w/o Journals;
Akemi Homura | Madoka Magica
Ash Ketchum | Pokemon
Bito Rhyme | TWEWY
Bookman | DGM
Dark Mousey | DNAngel
George Weasley | Harry Potter
Hoshigaki Kisame | Naruto
Hyuuga Hinata | Naruto
Jack Skellington | The Nightmare B4 Christmas
Johnny | JTHM
Kairi | Kingdom Hearts
Miki Sayaka | Madoka Magica
Ragun Yen | Lagoon Engine
Sarutobi Konohamaru | Naruto
Tsukikage Ran | Carried by the Wind
Zim | Invader Zim

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[Alias]: J
[Age]: Old enough!
[Contact]: AIM: Slave2Hitsuzen | Email:

[Character]: Daffy Sheldon Dumas Duck
[Canon]: Looney Tunes
[Age]: 75
[Canon Point]: Current for 2013.

[History]: Wiki Link to Daffy

Daffy Duck is the 3rd most occuring Looney Toons character, next to leading man Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig himself. He is usually portrayed as the best friend of Bugs Bunny, and occasionally his rival. Born April 17, 1937, he is a huge Hollywood Star and thus works for Warner Bros studio.

He has appeared in several movies, such as Space Jam, Who Framed Rodger Rabbit, and most recently, co-stars with Bugs Bunny in the TV Sitcom The Looney Tunes Show. This Daffy knows he is a long-lived star and toon character in the 3-D world along with his fellow Merry Melodies cast. Thus, every Looney Tunes show is merely a show or movie he has acted in (not that his base personality is any different than how he is portrayed normally, with the exception of whom is writing the script at the time!).

Daffy's alter ego is Duck Dodgers, to which he constantly forgets until he is absolutely needed to save the day somehow (usually in saving Bugs or the world at large). Duck Dodgers, while still maintaining Daffy's base personality, is far braver and more competent than his normal self. Things apparently explode when you say his name.


Daffy is a screwball. That's pretty much it. His entire existence was based on combating your typical, average every-day man with something off-the-wall. Despite being under different writers and directors over the years, Daffy has managed to keep some aspects of his personality in tact, or at the very least, they do not deviate to far from what makes up Daffy Duck.

This screwy duck has always been known for his desire to hog the spotlight. This is seen constantly in shows that he stars in by himself, but more notably in ones where he is cast along side best friend/occasional rival Bugs Bunny. There is a running gag in which Bugs Bunny effortlessly gains the love and attention of people just by being himself. Daffy, of course, has to fight for any kind of attention, and this usually winds up with him being ridiculed or booed in some way, form, or fashion.

His luck as being used as a chew toy for comedy is not limited to Bugs Bunny, however. Even if he is paired alongside another unlikable character, Daffy will be shown as even second best to them, which is supposed to inflict ironic comedy to the watching audience. He is the true definition of the trope of “Favorite Unfavorite Character”, as numbers and merchandising will prove that Daffy Duck is indeed loved, but for the sake of laughs, he will always be the underdog.

When Daffy does manage to get the spotlight on him, he is mainly used in action films, which show off another aspect of his personality: his adventurous side. He is constantly portrayed as someone who longs for adventure and glory. His alter ego Duck Dodgers, when in use, proves to be just a touch more competent than Daffy himself: and a hell of a whole lot braver and shows off high levels of ingenuity. And of course, the costume in amazing too! But lets not talk about the first Duck Dodgers costume. That space-age green thing was in fashion during the 60s.

His call-to-adventure shows in roles he has been in: in Back in Action he played as a wannabe spy in order to help the actual spy, Damien Drake. There was also of course Duck Dodgers, as well as playing Robin Hood in various Merry Melodies shorts. He was an exorcist in The Ducxorsist, and in the TV sitcom The looney Tunes Show, he feels as if his greatest calling is to become a wizard.

Even though he has a strong calling to the wild, Daffy is indeed a huge pansy. When in danger he will always be “right behind you”--literally. If there is trouble, he will immediately take shelter or hide. Daffy doesn't claim it as fear though: its merely “self-preservation”.

Another well-known trait in Daffy is his insatiable greed. He is always trying out “get rich quick” schemes that never work for him. While Daffy is known to be terrified of most things, if his greed is there to motivate him, even he will do unspeakable things in the face of danger. When wealth, glory, or sexy ladies are on the line, nothing will stand in the way of Daffy Duck! Due to this, its common to see $$ in his eyes.

Daffy has a lisp that he speaks with, and thus in his excitement he spits all over the place. He is easily excitable and loves to play tricks on people. Some interesting things about him: he apparently knows French (he goes into his own Pepe Le Peu mode on occasions), and at one point in time, his idol was Bugs (but like hell he will say it now). He is also pretty concerned about fashion for a duck who doesn't wear clothing. Daffy also doesn't seem to like animals that much ironically; though this may be in part that with non-talking species, he is unable to communicate with them.

His relationship with the other Looney Tune characters is the same as his friend Bugs for the most part: he is neutral towards Sylvester and Tweety, finds his rivals in Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam, but of course, they're all just actors, right? He's still trying to pitch his newest blockbuster idea to the Warner Brothers: “Daffy Duck and the Wizard's Rock.”

[Abilities/Powers]: Toon powers! Disappearing and reappearing, running in air, getting his head blown and chopped off and still being alive, defying gravity, pulling things such as costumes and food out of hammer space, you name it! Daffy's a toon, and with that power, they can do basically all sorts of bodily manipulation. These powers work best when it could be seen as humorous (and may even come with an instant rim shot in the background). So that whole hammerspace idea...? He always wondered where they came from. What better place than World Mart?

[Position]: Security Guard
[Why this position?]: Daffy always wants to be the star, always wants to be bossy, and so of course a position of (some kind of) power is perfect for him. Also, with his alias as Duck Dodgers, he's quite used to intergalactic adventure.

[Journal Entry Sample]: [ Daffy peers into the screen as it clicks on. ]

Ahhhh~ intergalactic technology! Is this thing on? [ He accidentally sprays saliva into the screen as his lisp takes over as it normally does. ]

Helllooooo! [ When he sees nothing happens, Daffy looks around, looking a little exasperated. ] Houston, we have a problem. [ He lifts a feathered hand to above his eyes, surveying the dorm room. ]

Five bucks says that stupid rabbit is around here somewhere.

[Prose Sample]: “Halt! In the name of the laaaaaw!!!”

There was nothing better than tracking down mysterious bandits. Or rather, shoplifters, or whatever. Point is, Daffy was on the trail! The duck's webbed feet slapped against the tile floor of World Mart as he ran after the shoppers.

“Cease! Desist!” They were getting away! Daffy skid to a halt, looking around for anything that could stop them. Surely in World Mart, he could find that!

They were heading for the exit! Daffy noticed he was standing in between two registers which looked pretty good for--

He grabbed each counter with one hand, and started backwards at a run. His arms started to stretch. His feet buzzed against the ground, smoking as he gained speed and momentum to turn himself into a human—er, animal?--slingshot.

“Allllll right, buster! This! Means! War!” And Daffy launched himself from the check-out counter, his body zooming right towards the thieves. His body turned into a bowling ball, and those two looked like pins as he crashed right into them, sending the shoplifters and the merchandise flying.

“But, as Daffy rose from the ground, armed with a blue flag emblazoned with the WB logo, tattered and fluttering in the nonexistent breeze, the duck knew he had triumphed. He had saved World Mart from utter peril. He had...

“...Been narrating himself the whole time...” Daffy realized as the other security guards rushed in. No matter.

What was done was done.

[Anything else?]: Not at all!
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[Alias]: J
[Age]: Old Enough for World Mart!
[Contact]: AIM: Slave2Hitsuzen, email:

[Character]: Uzumaki Naruto
[Canon]: Naruto
[Age]: 16
[Canon Point]: When Naruto realizes there is a war going on in Konoha! ♥

[History]: Naruto Wiki

[Personality]: Uzumaki Naruto is... your average teenage boy, when you really get down to it. However, he is one that has been thrust with a tremendous responsibility. Great power usually comes with that! ...Or so he hears, anyway. His determination to never give up and do things his way has paid off, and shot him straight to the top. That's the short version of his story, anyway.

Naruto is sixteen years old, and he likes what sixteen-year-old boys like, and is concerned with those same things, despite his ah... odd circumstances. At this age, Naruto is into what you think a young man his age should be into: good food, cute girls, and appearing cool in front of his peers. Friendship and loyalty are also very important to him; his current life is based heavily on those values. While he may come off as “uncool” to some girls, he is, in his own way, handsome, and for sure an all-around good guy. The problem is most girls like “bad boys”, and good guys have the notorious saying that they “finish last”, whatever that means. Too many contexts it could be put in. None of them good, apparently.

While Naruto is a nice guy, he is not afraid to tell it like it is. While he doesn't like hurting feelings and stepping on other's toes, Naruto will state the cold hard truth when its needed. Unfortunately where he comes from, a lot of people just need to be told, and its unbelievable! Why does he always have to be the one to do it? He believes there is not only good in everyone, but amazing potential for someone to be great in what they do. They just need someone to believe in them, and if Naruto has to be the one to do it, then so be it! This outlook has moved a handful of people in his canon; Naruto is able to use words to his advantage, even if he is only considered to be at average intelligence. Naruto, if anything, is amazing with words and speaks from the heart to another.

Though Naruto does have a heart of gold, he is by no means a saint. He harbors a deep hatred in his heart due to the mistreatment he was shown by the village he lived in as a child. Though Naruto tried his best to see the good in people, even he is subject to the feelings of resentment for how quickly their views changed of him only because he saved the village form the threat of a powerful ninja. This is delved into when he encounters Dark Naruto in the Waterfall of Truth. The two combat but, physically are met head-to-head. Its an internal conflict, and Naruto has to learn how to confront the darkness in his heart, and put his past behind him. Naruto hides this pain behind his smiles and go-get-em attitude. Why sit and mope about your problems when you can do something about it?

Also, like any teenage boy, he is somewhat of... well... a pervert. While he doesn't view women in any kind of degrading manner, well, in the end he's still a teenage boy, and beautiful girls get him flustered, as well as the thought of beautiful girls naked (which he does try his best not to think about). He's not the type to crack perverted jokes, but he will use perverted humor (around other guys, of course), and even whip out his “ultimate jutsu”, his self-created Sexy no Jutsu, which he uses to transform into a literally smokin' hot bombshell of a blond, to which any man is truly defenseless (unless they are, as Naruto will claim, gay or dead from the waist down). However, he does have a small fear of women (as in his universe, most of them are ninjas as well, and will indefinitely lay the beat down on him even when he swears he's done nothing wrong). Really, the girls he tends to encounter have short tempers or have the hots for his former rival, Uchiha Sasuke.

Ah, those damn cool types!

Because of his good nature, Naruto is very good with animals, and in turn loves them (with the exception of cats, which he swears hate him). He has a affinity towards frogs and foxes. He is also very good at gardening, and keeps his own garden out on his balcony. Perhaps it was a subtle hint of his impending Sage Mode.

Naruto's dislikes are not many. He doesn't like healthy food such as vegetables, but he does like milk. One of his pet peeves are people that underestimate him, or even worse, say he's worthless and will never amount to anything. Naruto strongly believes everyone has something to be proud of and work for (even him), so saying that not only insults him, but everyone who believes in him as well. Anyone who dares to hurt the people he cares for or threaten their well-being are also high on the list too.

All-in-all, Uzumaki Naruto is an incredible teenager who has incredible powers. However, his tremendous strength is off-set by his fun-loving, prankster nature, and heart of gold. Once you have made a friend of Naruto, no matter what path you set off on, you have made a friend for life.

[Abilities/Powers]: So manyyyyy. This is a watered down version.

Normal Mode: In Naruto's normal state of being, he is able to use the following powers.
+ Basic hand-to-hand combat abilities, utilizing weapons if needed
+ Cloning himself (he is capable of hundreds of clones)
+ Wind-element based attacks (such as the Rasengan)
+ Gender-switching
+ Accelerated healing
+ Can summon frogs
+ Can access the Demon Fox's (Kyuubi) abilites: red chakra body armor, sometimes bone structure, super speed & super strength (even for a ninja), and powerful attacks

Sage Mode: In this stage, Naruto has pulled the lifeforce from other living beings and nature around him (like Goku's Spirit Bomb), and melds it with his own chakra to basically “upgrade” him into a higher state of being, called a Sage. There are certain advantages while in Sage Mode.
+ All physical attacks are enhanced dramatically
+ All Elemental attacks are enhanced dramatically
+ Speed, Strength, Stamina, and Durability are enhanced to the point where (MANGA QUOTE:) “the user could fall face first into a bed of spikes and obtain no injury or feel no pain whatsoever”
+ Sense surrounding chakra
+ Can manipulate the energy around them so non-physical attacks have a further reach

Nine-Tales Chakra Mode: In this mode, Naruto has separated Kyuubi from its chakra and is able to use it. The following are advantages he gains in this mode! However, upon using this mode for a long period of time, he will die, so its use is limited.
+ Can sense negative emotions
+ Moves so fast it appears he has teleported even to other high-level ninja
+ Epic super strength. I don't even know how to describe it.
+ Can sense the nine-tails chakra if it has ever touched something before

Talents & Hobbies:
+ Has a green thumb and loves gardening
+ Great at catching animals with his bare hands
+ A fantastic romance novelist (has actually published books in his canon, though under Jiraiya's name)

...Very watered down version.

[Position]: Runner
[Why this position?]: Naruto's got a lot of stamina to burn, and putting him in a security guard position is far too easy. Why not let him play with Hover Carts too, while we're at it!

[Journal Entry Sample]: [ When the WM turns on, Naruto can be found gazing into it with a blank look. Of course, half of his face takes up the entire screen. You can almost see up his nose. ]

...The hell is this'ttebayo? [ He pulls away, holding it out so now he is away, peering into the screen with a contemplative expression. He recognizes its recording him, but... its not like anything he's seen before! ] Uh...

Um, so... if anyone can see me...

Where the hell am I? [ And Naruto shuffled around beside him, before holding up a green apron that was jammed underneath his pillow with two fingers. ]

...And what's with the apron?

[Prose Sample]: There was nothing Naruto loved more about World Mart than hover carts. At the moment, he stood at the door to World Mart in the dawn, the crest of the sun peeking up turning the sky pink and orange. Orange was his favorite color. His green World Mart apron fluttered in the kissed breeze of morning, reaching out for adventure. His golden hair gleamed in the steadily rising sun.

Before him, the near-abandoned parking lot sparkled, asphalt, concrete, and glass touched by the light of the new day. And more importantly....

The abandoned collection of Hover Carts that littered the ground.

Naruto took another step, azure eyes cruising over the lot. There, his prey roamed in their natural habitat, merging and touching, metal against metal. The blond felt his toes curl and uncurl from inside his sneakers.

It was time.

“...LETS GO DATTEBAYO!!!” Naruto screamed, and he took off running into the parking lot with a wide grin across his features. He came upon his first cart, and took no time in bounding into the air, t-shirt flapping against the tanned skin of his back.

He crashed against the handles of the Hover Cart, and the wild beast zoomed across the lot. Naruto rode it like one would a bike, the hover cart moving across the lot at high speeds with the momentum of his tackle. The ninja tilted the handles to one side; he collided recklessly into a herd of carts, forcing them into one spot. Naruto's foot kicked more juice into his sweet ride from the ground, and one-by-one he collected, turning his mini-ride into a monster.

Soon, tens of carts zoomed down the lot; there was only one more, right by the edge of the lot. Naruto grinned wide, the line of carts heading right for the final cart. There it was!

It stared down its predator by the edge, the hover cart tense as they faced off.

Naruto's grin cut into his face.

“You're mine!!!” He shouted, and with one last push, the edge of the carts grazed the side of the lone soldier, rushing past the bounds of the shopping center parking lot--

--And that's when the hover carts lost their juice.

As each cart passed the line, they shut down into anti-theft mode, turning into nothing more than clumps of heavy metal. One-by-one, each cart hit the ground, skidding into the concrete with a pained screech, and Naruto's look had turned into one of horror when he realized: their momentum stopped. But his wouldn't.

The cart he held in his hands jolted to a shrieking halt. Naruto screamed and he flipped right over the cart, spinning into the air before crashing painfully into his little line of carts, rolling and bumping until his apron snagged a handle, and he flopped right off the row of carts and into the concrete. The ninja, intelligently, laid still.

Behind him, that final cart slinked away, oblivious to his plight.

[Anything else?]: 8D
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Name: Rose Mary Meridian Bonaparte
Nicknames: Rose, Rosemary
Age: 16
Birthday: January 21st
Nationality: French-American
Appearance: Stands at 5'6", with black hair, medium-dark skin, grey eyes, and wears glasses. References pictures: One, Two, and Three.
Hobbies: Fencing, tea parties, divination, shopping


She knew English, and she knew a little French from what her mother spoke to her, but she wasn't very good at languages, despite how adept she came off. It was because of this that Rose had no idea how she was going to fair at Ouran, and her first day had been nothing short of a disaster.

No, nothing tragic occurred or anything. Nothing happened, and Rose spent the day in relative silence, picking up a little more Japanese here and there to add to her vocabulary. She didn't want to return to her loft. Why the hell had she transferred here again?!

But when Rose caught the beauty of the Ouran grounds through the window, she remembered. She wanted to get away from her family for a bit. She didn't want to be there through the divorce. Since her parents were film stars, she was being followed more than usual. Her brother, Sebastian, practically pushed her on the plane to Japan from America.

When she returned after a year here... what would happen to her?

Rose knew keeping a straight face was the key. She would be fine here. She could make more friends, even though she missed Journey and Adrianna. What would happen to their trinity while she was away? Who would write the spells for the upcoming Samhain? Surely, she would be able to at least find someone she could spend idle time with. Her grey eyes stared out the window from behind her glasses in thought.

Or maybe this was still a bad idea. She could use a cup of tea right about now... mainly to try her had at some tasseomancy and figure out if she should remain, or book the next flight back to America.


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